Bowling Leagues

Ffrith Zone fixtures.

Saturday 2o  October 2018     at 10am Ffrith v Severn Valley at Welshpool

Saturday 27  October 2018     at 10am Ffrith v Flint at Ffrith

Saturday 03 November 2018 at 10am Ffrith v Bro Ddyfi at Ffrith

Saturday 10 November 2018 at 11am Ffrith v Bro Ddyfi at Machynlleth

Saturday 12  January  2019   at  11am Ffrith v Severn Valley at Ffrith

Saturday 26  January  2019  at  10am Ffrith v Flint at Flint

Ffrith Over 60’s Fixtures

Saturday 24 November at  10am Ffrith v Severn Valley at Welshpool

Friday     30 November at  10am Ffrith v Flint at Ffrith


Club Leagues commence on 1st October 2018 for the 2018/19 Winter season, completing by 31st March 2019.

Our current league tables, fixtures, etc can be found by clicking the button below.

* New teams are encouraged to enter the leagues and league entries must be handed in on registration night or within five working days of the registration date to ensure that the current league program is able to be set.

Dress Code: for all league games players the following dress code applies :

a) Except for special matches when it is announced that whites are to be worn, the standard of dress for all club-organised occasions (e.g. internal leagues) will be: white above waist or each team may have there own team colours, and grey trousers for men, white above waist and grey skirts or trousers for ladies. All white shirts and blouses shall have collars. If a team wears team colours all players must wear identical shirts. 

b) Regular indoor heel-less, smooth-soled shoes are required. Patterned flat-soles and ‘trainers’ are not permitted at any time. New members may be politely reminded that the unacceptable forms of shoe damage the carpet and irreparably ‘ruck’ the underlay, as does running on the green.

c) A reasonable standard of dress is expected of club members at all times. Casual dress is permitted for casual games only. No tracksuits or jeans will be allowed.

d) In line with the Welsh Indoor Bowls Strategy a range of new ladies and men’s team shirts are available to purchase, these shirts must carry the Frith Bowls Club Logo, other suitable logos are permitted, but they must not be advertising related for products or services. If you wish to purchase team shirts from our nominated supplier, please contact Rob Williams.